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Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall is a philosopher, historian,biographer,travel writer,poet and yachtsman. He is the author of fifteen highly acclaimed books which have been translated into as many different languages. His circumnavigation of Africa was made into a British TV series, an Italian TV series was based on his book on alchemy, and his voyage around Ireland was the subject of a British radio series. He has a doctorate in the History of Ideas and is an elected fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. His website is www.petermarshall.net.

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"I must congratulate you on a wonderful, rich and satisfying book. It is not always the case that I can’t wait to get back to a manuscript to keep reading, but this has definitely been the case with Poseidon’s Realm. You conjure the landscape, atmosphere and even smells of the region most beautifully, and the way you have woven in the myths, history and arts of the ancient world is extremely skilful. I found the final chapter particularly moving, even elegiac, and was really rather sad that my own reading journey had come to an end alongside your personal voyage." Tamsin Shelton, freelance editor
"In his wonderful new book,Poseidon’s Realm, Peter Marshall once again shows himself to be the ideal guide to explorations both geographical and intellectual. This time, we accompany him on his fascinating and occasionally harrowing adventures around the Aegean. As always, he inspires the reader through his vivid and engaging writing, and along the way offers us profound insights into Greek history and culture.
No one has done a better job than Marshall has in this book to make the rich legacy of Greek civilization "a common treasury for all". Moreover, as we ride the wind with this Philosopher-Mariner, perhaps the greatest lesson he teaches us is that the taste of the sea can at the same time be the taste of freedom.' " John Clark, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, author of many books
"Peter Marshall is a rare soul: writer, philosopher, poet, sailor, and a man with an unusually developed social conscience defined by his long interest in history and radical politics beside his grasp of the esoteric as essential to our personal and spiritual development. His work in every sense is the ‘bigger picture’ and is absolutely of our time. I was fascinated to see how all this came into being in this beautifully written memoir." Jay Ramsay, poet and author

Praise for Past Works

Europe's Lost Civilization

"This beautifully written story of a 4000-mile journey... will be as refreshing as a long holiday." Colin Wilson, 'Book of the Year', Independent on Sunday

The Theatre of the World

"Glitters with interest on every page" Christopher Hirst, Independent

The Philosopher's Stone

"An intriguing read by an accomplished storyteller... inspirational" John Emsley, Sunday Times

Nature's Web

"For all its learning, this book is earthy and approachable, and I think essential." Walter Schwarz, Guardian

Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

"Massive, scholarly, genuinely internationalist and highly enjoyable" David Widgery, Observer

Celtic Gold: A Voyage around Ireland

"With all its drama, excitement and dangers overcome and a deeply satisfying sense of achievement, [Celtic Gold] makes absorbing and enjoyable reading." Sean Haughey, Evening Herald

William Godwin

"Marshall steers his course with unfailing sensitivity and skill. It is hard to see how the task could have been better done." Michael Foot, 'Book of the Year', Observer