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Welcome to Zena Publications

Our books include the paperback first edition of Bognor Boy: How I Became an Anarchist, to be published in October 2018 (ISBN 978-0-9511069-7-6). The hardback edition of Poseidon's Realm: A Voyage around the Aegean, by Peter Marshall,appeared in 2016.

Our distributor is Central Books Ltd., 50 Freshwater Road, Chadwell Heath, London, RM8 IRX, England,U.K. Tel: + 44(0)20 8525 8800 Email: contactus@centralbooks.com

In the past, we have published Into Cuba by Barry Lewis and Peter Marshall which went into two editions and was translated into Spanish, Italian and German. A few copies in English are still available from this website, priced £12 inc. p&p.

We also published a hardback edition of William Godwin's first novel Damon and Delia with an introduction by Peter Marshall.

Zena published in the past two books of poetry. One was called Poems, a selection made by Edith Sodergram and translated from the Swedish by Gounil Brown. The other was Natural Histories by Richard Poole.

There were also two books of ballet by John Gregory, with many original photographs, one entitled Les Sylphides-Chopiniana and the other, Leningrad's Ballet: The Kirov. All the books were well-received and sold well.